Sound AMERICAN with these US ENGLISH Expressions with the word LEAVE

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Here are some American idioms to help you sound American. With these 21 English expressions with the word leave, you'll know how to speak English more fluently and listen more carefully. Knowing English idioms helps boost your English language and communication skills. Learn these 21 Expressions with the word LEAVE!

In this lesson I’m sharing 21 expressions with the word leave in them. I’ll share the expression, it’s meaning, and then give you an example sentence. Feel free to pause the lesson and practice along with me or replay the lesson anytime.


Leave it to me

This means you can trust me with this responsibility. 

Leave it to me, I’ll take care of it, you don’t have to worry about a thing. 

Leave it someone

This means that you expect that behavior from that person and it’s no surprise to you.

Leave it to Fred to be late again. In all the years I’ve known him he’s never arrived on time.

Leave someone in the lurch

This means to leave someone alone to handle something difficult, even if they need you.

Sam’s coworkers left him in the lurch when he needed them the most.

Leave someone in the dust

This means to go far ahead and leave people behind because you’re more advanced than they.

This hot new tech startup is leaving it’s competitors in the dust, no one can keep up!

Leave someone hanging

This means you keep someone on the edge of their seat waiting for you to finish your story or waiting for your decision or answer.

Can you finish the story you started yesterday? You totally left us hanging.

Leave it on the table

This means that you don’t claim or take advantage of something that you should claim.

Jimmy had 3 weeks of vacation but only took one week off so he left two vacation weeks on the table.

Leave nothing on the table

This means you’re going to give something everything you got, give it your all.

Jane pushes it hard in her workouts, she leaves nothing on the table.

Leave someone to their own devices

This means allowing someone to make their own decisions and do what they choose without controlling or helping them.

When left to their own devices, they came up with the best solution to this problem.

Take leave of someone 

This means you say goodbye to someone and leave.

Matthew took leave of his friends and headed straight home.

Leave of absence 

To take a leave of absence is to take time off in a formal way.

Joe needed special permission from the Dean to take a leave of absence for the semester.

Leave one’s/its mark

This means to have a long lasting effect on someone or something because it leaves a strong impression on you.

Jill’s internship at the animal shelter left its mark on her. She decided to become a Vet after that.

Leave someone out of it

This means to exclude someone from something.

Don’t ask James for advice, just leave him out of it.

Leave someone/me alone

Let someone be and not disturb them.

Can you just leave me alone? I have a headache and need rest.

Leave no stone unturned

Complete a task thoroughly and not to miss anything.

In order to find the right solution, we must leave no stone unturned.

Leave someone high and dry

Abandon someone and to stop helping them even when they need it.

Rachel wanted to teach Will a lesson so she left him high and dry.

Leave someone behind

Abandon someone

We found a puppy that got left behind so we took it in and we’re looking after it.

Leave it at that

After enough talk and discussion, you agree that it’s time to stop.

We’ve been studying for 5 hours, let’s just leave it at that and get some sleep now.

Leave it be

Not to interfere, let things unfold.

I don’t want you to get involved. Just leave it be. Things have a way of working themselves out.

Take it or leave it

Accepting something as is without changes.

This is the best offer we can make, take it or leave it.

Leave out 

Exclude, omit, neglect to mention something.

He left out the part about dropping out of law school.

Leave someone in the dirt

If someone gets cast aside, forgotten or pushed away.

He left his College teammates in the dirt and doesn't speak to them anymore.


Nice work, you made it through 21 expressions with the word leave. Practice these sentences or come up with your own. Be sure to start using these expressions when you’re out and about because the more you practice them the more automatic they become. Also be on the lookout for these expressions both in real life and in the movies.


Alright Advanced English learners, thanks for joining me in this lesson. 

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See you in the next one where we’ll continue advancing your English together! Until then, keep up the awesome work.