Creative Ways to Greet Americans with Responses to Increase English Fluency

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Learn creative ways to greet Americans with responses! In this US English Pronunciation and Communication lesson, we'll go over native English phrases we use in every day life in the US, how you can answer English greetings, and how to pronounce the greetings with an American pronunciation.

You can use these greetings in casual conversation and in some cases in professional settings if you know your coworkers well and have already established rapport with them. You’ll notice that Americans use different greetings other than “hi”, “hello”, and “how are you.” So when you’re looking to 


We’ll look at greetings and possible responses.

Hey, how’s it going?

Howzit going

Possible response: Pretty well, work’s been busier than usual. What about you?


What’s going on?

Watz goinon

Possible response: Not much, same ole.

Same old pronounced as “ole” is what we might say when there have been no meaningful changes in one’s life, they’re doing the same things, same job, etc. nothing new to report.


What’ve you been up to?

What've you been up to since I last saw you?

What’ve you been up to recently?

Possible response: Well, actually! We’re launching a new app so, pretty stoked about it.


How’s everything going with you these days?

Possible response: Not bad. Finals are next week so I’ve been studying every moment I get.


What’s been going on?

Possible response: Oh, the usual. Not much has changed since I saw you last. What about you? Any updates?


How are things with you and the fam?

Great, Sally’s starting first grade and Timmy’s starting third. They grow up so fast! How’re you and Fred?


What’re you getting up to these days?

Work’s been going well and on the weekends I work on my custom-made invitations business. It’s been a handful but I’m loving it. What about yourself? 


How have you been?

Howvyu been

Great actually! Just got into design school so I’ll be starting that in the Spring. Kinda psyched for it!


Long time no see! What’s good?

All’s well. I’m in between jobs at the moment so I’ve just been applying to a bunch of stuff. Dusted off the old resume and gearing up for interviews. What about you? Still at the same company?


It’s been a minute since we last saw each other! How are you?

I’m alright. Hanging in there. Things have been challenging at work, but my coworkers are awesome so we’re getting through it. What about you? How’s everything?


How’s life been treating you?

Can’t complain. Just got back from a ski trip in the Alps, we got a lot of snow so that was amazing. And it was fun to speak French everyday. What about you? Get up to anything fun recently?


Great! So those are 11 greetings you can use when speaking to Americans. You’ll notice that you can be pretty creative when saying hello to someone, and don’t have to use “how are you” to do this. Try using these phrases the next time you interact in English. And if you’re giving a response, try to give it a personal touch instead of just replying with “fine, thanks” or “good thanks.” When you put more thought into your greetings and responses, you’ll leave a more favorable and memorable impression on the listener and you’ll also have better social interactions because of it!


Alright Advanced English learners, thanks for joining me in this lesson. 

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See you in the next one where we’ll continue advancing your English together! Until then, keep up the awesome work.