Expressing Your Opinions EASILY in English with 27 Alternatives to “I think” [ Advanced ]

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The next time you want to express yourself in English use one of these 27 alternatives to "I think." You don't need to start a sentence with "I think" in order to share your opinions and ideas. When you speak in English try out these wonderful phrases when having a conversation and sharing ideas.

Expressing Opinions Using these 27 Alternatives to “I think” in your English Conversation [Advanced]

We ask people’s opinions all the time. And people ask us what we think quite often, wouldn’t you say? But prefacing each of your opinions with “I think” can get tiresome for you and the listener rather quickly. So instead of using “I think” you now have 27 alternatives to choose from.

I’ll be sharing an example sentence and for practice, I encourage you to come up with your own phrases as well.

If you’re ready let’s get to it. 


Here’s my two cents

Now grammatically speaking, one might say here are my two cents however, in descriptive grammar you can say “here’s my two cents”

Here’s my two cents: take the job, it’s perfect for you.

If you want my opinion

If you want my opinion, bring lasagna to the holiday potluck.

In all honesty

In all honesty, he doesn’t seem like the right person for the role.

If I’m being honest

If I'm being honest, I much prefer your blueberry pie to the rhubarb. 

To be frank

To be frank, having a dog is a lot of responsibility and it’s important to take it seriously. 

In my opinion

In my opinion, Dune can be a standalone book.

Well, if you ask me

Well, if you ask me you should sell your knitwear on Etsy! 

Not gonna lie,

Not gonna lie, I was surprised I even got an invite to the BBQ!

To my knowledge, 

To my knowledge, no one knows how to use excel the way you do.

From where I stand

From where I stand, you deserve to be at the board meeting.

To be honest

To be honest, we all knew she was going to quit after having her baby.

Truth be told

Truth be told, running three YouTube channels is a whole lot of work.

From personal experience I can tell you that

From personal experience I can tell you that focusing on your studies is a good thing to do.

I have a sense that

I have a sense that we’re going to exceed expectations with the new product launch.

I have a hunch that

I have a hunch that Sam is not happy these days.

The way I see it is 

The way I see it is that interstellar space travel is something that will be accessible to humans in the future.

Here’s how I see it

Here’s how I see it: spending weekends on a side-hustle is time well spent.

To tell you the truth

To tell you the truth, improving your communication skills is one of the most important investments you can make in yourself.

Since you asked,

Since you asked, speaking another language opens a lot of doors.

Only because you’re asking

Only because you’re asking, being an entrepreneur takes a lot of guts. 


Honestly, no one knows me like you do.

I’d say

I’d say the scoop neck is more flattering on you than the collar neck.

In my mind

In my mind a summer wedding would be perfect if the weather is nice.

From my perspective

From my perspective it’s only a matter of time until we start using augmented reality in classrooms.

As far as I can tell

As far as I can tell, online learning is the future.

It seems like 

It seems like sometimes your hobby, job, and passion can align.

To me it appears 

To me it appears that pretty soon cooking robots will be available for purchase.


There we have it! 27 ways you can express your thoughts and opinions without using “I think.” The next time someone asks you what you think, use one of these 27 alternatives! They’ll be impressed with your communication skills and might even ask for pointers! Practice these expressions and add them to your speaking toolkit.


Alright Advanced English learners, thanks for joining me in this lesson. 

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When will you start using these alternatives to “I think”? Feel free to share that with us in the comments below.

See you in the next one where we’ll continue advancing your English together! Until then, keep up the awesome work.